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What does Aidpage mean?

CATLUV started this conversation
With all this ongoing drama on Aidpage, both in a private and public forum, I began to wonder why. Why are we here if there's only going to be so much negativity, drama, secrecy, and so forth? But then, after I stepped back, tried to remain uninvolved and simply an observer, I came to a realization of what Aidpage truly means.
On the main page, Aidpage's motto is posted at the top of the page and reads: "The biggest mutual support community on the web." We come here in search of many things, and for many different reasons, but one thing we tend to have in common is the need for human support, whatever they may look like. I read a post from Schmidty to a new member just before I began to write this, and I think his few words truly capture what Aidpage offers, what we offer to one another ... Here, on Aidpage, we the members, offer "company" to anyone and everyone in need. No matter your financial circumstance, your personal struggles ... Aidpage and it's group of members offers friendship, support, and the company of others when times are good or bad. We are like a family, and just like any family, we have our differences, disagreements and fights, but, we also pull together in times of stress and negativity and offer a true sense of support. For anyone who is new to Aidpage: There are many different strong personalities, and a wide array of opinions, but one will find that every person brings something uniquely wonderful and needed to the table.
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